info2013From 2nd to 9th June 2013, the Tour de Singkarak 2013 will take some of the world’s renowned cyclists over a 1000-kilometer route traversing the most scenic landscapes of West Sumatra’s countryside, see the cultural beauty and meet the people of Sumatra. The race covers 7 stages, building on the success of previous races.

The past years have seen an annual increase in participating regencies, and the race has therefore become a longer challenge with each year. While in 2012 the course covered 800 kilometers, this year the 7 staged race will cover a total distance of1,027 kilometers.

The stages of Tour de Singkarak 2013 are as follows:
1.       Stage 1: Bukittingi-Bonjol    (105 Km)
2.       Stage 2: Payakumbuh- Lake Singkarak    (125 Km)
3.       Stage 3: Padang Panjang-Istana Basa   (204 Km)
4.       Stage 4: Sijunjung-Pulau Punjung   (165 Km)
5.       Stage 5: Sawahlunto-Muara Labuh    138 Km
6.       Stage 6: Pariaman-Painan   (145 Km)
7.       Stage 7: Padang Pariaman-Padang   (145 Km)

The race is held in co-operation with ASO (Organizer of Tour de France), marking significant international recognition and increasing its international importance. Tour de Singkarak itself is listed as an annual event on the agenda of the International Cycling Association or Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI).

Combining sports and tourism, the Tour De Singkarak 2013 takes participants to an exciting adventure through the vast mountainous countryside of West Sumatra. The tour will not only offer fierce competition among racers, but it is, moreover, an excellent chance to unveil all the hidden wonders of West Sumatra.

Last year’s participants were not only impressed with the lush green scenery, but they were also most taken by the warmth and friendliness of the people who welcomed and cheered for them at every stage.

There are direct international flights to Padang from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and regular domestic flights from JakartaMedan and Batam to the Minangkabau International Airport in Padang.<indonesia.tavel>

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